Haji Mohd Nawi bin Omar, entrepreneur, founder of HJN Enterprise affirms, Isuzu D-Max has been one of the boosters for his fish trading business.  Having started his business 45 years ago fetching supplies of fresh fish from various locations including Kuantan, Tok Bali, and Thailand, he understands how reliable and low fuel consumption transportation is tremendously important in ensuring his business growth.  Isuzu D-Max has been Haji Nawi’s choice for a business workhorse for more than 30 years.

Isuzu Service cares and gives impeccable service to its customers. Haji Mohd Nawi is pleased that the D-Max gives him no problem over maintenance, with affordable ownership price and low fuel consumption. Driving a D-Max gives him great pleasure and peace of mind. All his children are also now owners of Isuzu D-Max by Haji Nawi’s recommendation.

Isuzu has been consistent at organizing convoys to the likes of Cameron Highlands and Langkawi, providing pleasurable experience and wonderful family bonding opportunity for Isuzu owners.

Haji Mohd Nawi is proud that HJN Enterprise is now a major supplier of fresh seafood for PKT Supermarket chain all over Kelantan. He dreams to supply fresh, affordable, and succulent seafood not only for residents of Kelantan but also for Malaysians and ultimately for the overseas market. Every big-dream-turns-reality starts with enthusiasm, hard work, good moral values, continuously seek guidance from Allah as Muslims, strengthen the family relationship, be honest, and trustworthy to customers.


Mr. Leong of Veg Express Sdn Bhd continues his family tradition as a vegetable farmer in Cameron Highlands. His grandparents started the business in the 1950s. Mr. Leong’s company is completely involved in the whole value chain, from seedling to harvesting to packaging to distributing, right until the goods reach the shelf.

To maintain the freshness and cold chain of the vegetable produce from the harvesting site to the packing facility, then to distributors all over Malaysia, Mr. Leong needs reliable and tough vehicles. The first truck his father bought was Isuzu UBS16, a very tough vehicle able to man all challenging road conditions even the rugged ex-timber logging roads around Cameron Highlands. They in fact had to change the ball joint only once after 15 years of heavy use.

Mr. Leong affirms that Isuzu D-Max is a reliable and splendidly tough built 4×4 vehicle. One example is when he was building a water reservoir for his plantation, his workhorse was a D-Max. The truck had no problem reversing along a narrow road of 60degree gradient slope while carrying a load of 200-ton building materials. The D-Max according to Mr. Leong has a lower center of gravity compared to certain 4wheel drives.

Other than the toughness and the affordable price, the D-Max was preferred by Mr. Leong due to its excellent fuel efficiency, one of the best in its class, enabling him Diesel cost savings of an impressive 60%. The low maintenance and reliable engine of D-Max is another great value that gives him peace of mind.

Being a farmer in the agriculture industry, sensitive to losses due to weather changes and natural disasters, is very challenging compared to manufacturing. Mr. Leong shares that it is something that needs to be done with the heart and soul, looking at it as a responsibility to produce safe food for the nation.


Richie shares the process of building the solar panel facility; from the building of a powerhouse and the installation of the battery, the inverter, the multi-cluster, and the main switchboard (MSB), to the starting up and final checking of the solar panel. The village head shares the villagers’ hardships, using power from the expensive diesel generators or oil lamps before the installation of solar panels, the children mostly had to study in the dark.

D-Max is the chosen fleet of work vehicles for Eco Solar Engineering due to many factors including low maintenance and servicing costs, more economical fuel consumption, better durability, and long hours it can stand on the rough and challenging off-road conditions.


A lovely sharing by a teacher, Richard Anak Rayim who presented his wife of 15 years Rosita Anak Baji, with a D-Max so that she can travel around comfortably. After 4 years of riding the D-Max, Rosita suggested for her husband to buy another. Richard is impressed at the attentiveness of the Isuzu dealer who called him to share the latest model D-Max.

Riding D-Max daily for at least one hour from home to school, Richard is astonished to observe the excellent fuel efficiency, especially when compared to his other automatic transmission car. The high clearance D-Max is also comfortable and safe to ride in, even in rough road conditions.  Many of his oil palm planters in Sarawak share that the D-Max has a stronger metal structure enabling better durability when used to transport the oil palm yield, compared to other 4wheel drives. The D-Max is also very suitable for long-distance, off-road traveling. Rosita also was pleased to share her hobby, i.e. to drive.

The D-Max has been a faithful partner even for 9 hours traveling between Bintulu to Kuching. Sweet memories between the couple and with the children have been charted with the D-Max. Richard is pleased that he is the pioneer of using a pick-up with great values, maybe his children will also be Isuzu vehicle fans later.


Presenting an honest unscripted testimonial by Mohd Azuadi Jusoh from Gong Badak Kuala Terengganu. Mohd Azuadi has two D-Max in his possession now, impressed by its excellent suspension, economical and comfort values, not forgetting the commendable design. Mohd Azuadi is convinced that the D-Max is a great investment with a low maintenance cost, superb performance engine, spare parts easy to obtain at a reasonable price – reliable.

D-Max serves very well as a workhorse in his daily operations as a contractor, having to attend to multiple sites carrying heavy loads such as cement, compact machinery, and scaffolding. When not at work, Mohd Azuardi travels comfortably in the D-Max for beach or orchard getaways with the family, even served him well traveling to the challenging road conditions of Tasik Kenyir. D-Max to Mohd Azuardi, is the best!